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(C) Dominik ButzmannSebastian Kurz, Bundesminister für Europa, Integration und Äußeres, (C) Dominik Butzmann
Language and education are important skills

Anyone wishing to build a life in Austria and contribute to society needs to speak und understand German, because you can only really participate in Austrian life if you are able to communicate with colleagues, acquaintances, and friends. This is why the ÖIF is now offering the language portal to help those trying to learn the language - no matter wether you are abroad or in Austria. The goal is your successful integration, which all of Austrian society will ultimately benefit from.


NEW textbook: Linie 1 Österreich A1.1

Out now: new text- and workbook including values and orientation and DVD-ROM..  

Volume 2 for level A1 (A1.2) will be released in March/April 2017. 


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New teaching materials on the subject "women and equality"

New teaching materials dealing with the topic women and equality in Austria! You can find the new units on Level A1, B1 and C1 among our Austria materials in the category "Living togehter, diversity, values".


short films about live and values in Austria

12 short films showing everyday-life situations with translation and comment in Arabic

The materials are appropriate for language courses on level A1, aside from language learning they also provide useful Information about the live and values in Austria.

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Willkommen in Österreich – Einstieg in die deutsche Sprache

The book is specifically for learners of low-threshold language level or for groups with volunteers. Main topics are basic vocabulary and phrases for everyday life situations.

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Learning German? It's fun and games!

Experience the stories and immerse yourself in the interactive doodle clips. Complete the exercises, play through the levels, and learn German in the process. 

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For the language level A1-A2

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Österreich Spiegel – Magazine for German learners. Four times a year.

Selection of articles from the Austrian media as well as audio files on current events including a key theme with a prepared lesson.
For all language levels: Exercises for teaching and self study.


Sample exercises and transcripts