Welcome to the Austrian Integration Fund language portal!
With this service, the Austrian Integration Fund offers targeted information about German course providers, test dates, and opportunities to learn German on your own.
Die Sommerausgabe des "Österreich Spiegel" ist ab sofort erhältlich!

Language and education are essential for successful integration.

Anyone who wants to create a life for themselves in Austria and contribute to society needs to know German, because you can only really participate in Austrian life if you are able to talk to colleagues at work, acquaintances in clubs, and friends. This is why the ÖIF is now offering the language portal to help those who are trying to learn the language. The goal is successful integration that all of Austrian society will ultimately benefit from.

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The ÖIF language team is the main contact for language courses, tests, and learning material. Any questions? Our staff is available for one-on-one consultation and will show you the fastest way to courses near you. Send us an e-mail or call us.

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